Tuesday, October 20


Sustainability in the Coal Mining Industry: Why Is It Crucial?


When different industries first heard about the concept of sustainability, many believed that it only refers to the business’s environment-friendly practices. In terms of energy, sustainable means renewable and clean energy sources. But, as companies and industries progress, the concept of sustainability grew broader and now covers such aspects as employee management, logistics, stakeholder relationships, company processes, and so on. A look at the sustainability policies of Kestrel Coal will give you a better idea of the scope of this policy.

Clean coal 

Clean coal means catching the carbon emissions released by burning coal and subsequently storing them underneath the earth. For more than a decade, achieving clean coal remained to be a political pipe dream. The reason behind such perception is that coal is the dirtiest and oldest energy source. Then again, with the help of technology and breakthrough, this dirty energy source was reshaped and renewed for repetitive use without harming the environment.

When you check out https://kestrelcoal.com/, you’ll see that clean coal became a loose term to refer to various technologies, like coal washing, wet scrubbers, and so on. The former involves the removal of rock and coil from coal before they are delivered to the factory. The latter, on the other hand, includes the removal of sulphur dioxide from coal-produced gas.

Kestrel Coal further suggested that clean coal can be achieved by doing everything, such as digitization, to make the coal plant more efficient. Nowadays, people also included to these old definitions the new coal extraction process known as carbon capture and storage (CCS).  Check Kestrel Coal for more details.

Producing clean coal is one of the cornerstones of every environmental-conscious mine’s sustainability policy. Kestrel Coal, for example, believes that before you can gain the public’s trust and confidence, you must set a good example to your employees, stakeholders, and community. You can do this by making sure that your main product is ethically sourced and will not cause harm to the environment and to the community you operate in.

Employee retention policies 

As already mentioned above, sustainability does not only refer to the main product. Now, the same policy aims to make a work environment that will allow employees to grow and thrive. This is why when you check out https://kestrelcoal.com/ and websites of progressive companies, you’ll see employee-friendly policies like no discrimination, a PWD-friendly work environment, an LGBT-friendly workplace, and so on. Most workplaces also promote the idea of inclusivity to encourage people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to apply and stay in the company for a long time.

And of course, sustainable employee policies will never be complete without provisions on work safety and security. In Kestrel Coal and in other coal mining companies, this safety provision is of primordial importance. For one, all coal miners undergo rigorous worker training and education, health and safety standards training, and safety procedure training. Aside from these, the workplace itself is thoroughly inspected to make sure that it is structurally safe. Not only that, but industry-specific standards are also observed to make sure that there is no occupational hazard.

You see, sustainability is not just like a flimsy concept that you see in annual reports. It may be a simple word, but it ensures the total safety of the employees, stakeholders, community, and the environment.