Tuesday, October 20

How Using a Parking Barrier Can Benefit Your Company

Installation of safety barriers in public spaces and facilities has assumed greater importance around the globe in this era of technological advancements. In industrial establishments and warehouses, safety guardrails are usually used to keep the staff and other workers from entering places which are considered unsafe or dangerous and to reduce the risk of collision with forklifts or other moving things. When it comes to traffic safetys, a parking barrier plays a vital role. This type of barrier protects pedestrians and buildings from being hit by vehicles and even prevents vehicles from crossing over to the other side.

parking barrier

Importance of parking safety barriers

There is a general feeling that parking safety barriers need not be as stronger as that of a motorway safety barrier. This is a misconception because most crashes on motorways tend to be just a glancing blow as compared to the head-on blow in the case of a parking barrier. The impact caused by a running vehicle in the car park is almost similar to the impact caused by a speeding vehicle in the motorways. Parking spaces always have the presence of pedestrians. making it that more important to ensure that the safety guard rails used are of high quality and endurance.

A quality parking barrier design ensures that such a barrier can be reused even after bearing the brunt of the impact and that there is less damage to the vehicles, passengers, pedestrians and the parking space. Some of the most commonly used safety barriers in parking areas include guardrails, mesh fences, and steel bollard guard posts. They are designed in such a way as to flex and absorb the full impact of a car crash.

Significant industrial and warehouse safety barrier benefits

Apart from the car park, another area where a parking barrier and other safety barriers make a difference is in industrial facilities and warehouses. These places involve bulk machinery and mobile units. Marking the areas which are considered dangerous is of utmost importance in these facilities to keep workers away from harm. Warehouses, if not safely guarded, pose grave risks in the form of forklift, lorry collisions or even collision with a pallet truck. Warehouse barriers can also be used to regulate pedestrian and vehicular access beyond the safe zone.

Latest in the evolution of warehouse safety barriers is the introduction of a yellow guard rail. This is built of high-strength steel and is of durable quality. Yellow guardrails add to the safety with their easy visibility. These qualities make them the most sought after safety barrier at present.

The bottomline

In a nutshell, a parking barrier and other types of safety barriers help reduces crash severity and work as a shield for motorists who have veered off the road. They make roads safer for vehicles, passengers, and the pedestrians. However, safety barriers are required to be tested rigorously to ensure that they are of durable quality.

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