Friday, June 5

A Quick Primer About CNC Cutting Machines

In this article, we’re going to discuss some basic information about CNC cutting machines. What are they, how do they work, and what are the common types? We’re going to tackle the basics here, but if you want more information, product information on this website is a useful reference.

What are CNC cutting machines?

CNC is an acronym for “Computer Numerical Control”. A CNC cutting machine is a device that controls and operates machine shop tools via specially-made software. The software is coded according to what the CNC machine is supposed to do, and the machine itself can also be fitted with other attachments. These attachments allow the machine to perform other tasks aside from cutting, such as engraving, milling, drilling, 3D scanning, and wood turning. The most basic yet appropriate description we can use here is that a CNC machine is a computer-controlled machine shop tool.

What are the different types of CNC cutting machines?

Talking about all the kinds of CNC machines that are currently available will be beyond the depth of this article, but this can serve as a reference if you need more details. For the purpose of this article, though, we’re going to talk about conventional machining equipment: the lathes, the drills, and the milling machines. If you want to see what some of them looks like, a useful reference would be the website

  • Drills – This is a machining process that should be familiar to most. A drill works by spinning the drill bit while brining it into contact with the material you are working on. The drill bit will be moved about and into the material by the machine while the material it is working on remains anchored.
  • Lathes – A lathe also uses a drill bit to do its job, but this time the material will be spun against the drill bit. The process is directly opposite of how drilling works. The block of material is first secured to the lathe, and then rotated while being put into contact with the lathe’s cutting tool.
  • Milling – Milling machines use a cylindrical cutting tool that can be rotated or spun in a variety of directions, and that tool is then applied onto the material that is secured to the machine. Milling is a bit similar to drilling, except that the cutting tool can be moved along several different axes. A milling machine can also create slots, shapes, and holes that a regular drill or lathe machine cannot.

Non-conventional types

Although we said that we were going to talk about conventional machining, it would be amiss of us if we failed to mention new technologies such as the plasma cutting machine and waterjet cutting.

A waterjet cutting machine is primarily used when the material that is being cut is highly sensitive to the heat that is generated when other tools are used. Meanwhile, plasma cutting machines are used for fast, efficient cutting of conductive materials, which can be up to three inches thick. A plasma cutter will typically be faster and more precise than other types.

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